• Job application
    Qualifications that are related jobs (majoring and other requirements) are closely checked before application.
  • Paper screening
    It checks whether the candidate is the right person for BIDC closely.
  • Interview
    There are two interviews by working staff and executives, in which candidates are examined in terms of BIDC's value and job suitability and internationalization sense and ability as well as basic characters.
  • Medical check-up
    The health and medical check-ups are verified through health diagnosis process to check any abnormal health and medical issues of the applicant.

Detailed information

  in job application

  • Application qualification for new recruits

    Any Korean citizens who are filled with challenge spirit and passion with required qualification for each job field can apply.
  • Preference in job application

    All applicants are treated equally and no special preference is given to any applicant. However, meritorious persons and disabilities are preferential for employment under the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Application qualification of experienced employees

    It can be different depending on the recruited job. Expertise, achievement, and leadership in the corresponding field are assessed closely and detailed qualifications are specified in the corresponding job notice.
  • Modification of job application after submitting a final application.

    Once the application is submitted during the job open period, it cannot be modified even if new language test results and certificates are acquired later.
  • Period of submission of required documents

    The required documents are submitted only for those who passed the resume-based screening Please note that if the application contains false information that is added deliberately or by mistake, the corresponding applicant may be subject to revocation of job offer.
  • Job opening field and period by department

    Please note that employment can be public or on-demand recruitment, and employment information is announced in our web site as well as popular job portals in domestic.
  • Interview method for new recruits

    BIDC performs open job interviews for proactive, creative and talented candidates. Our interviews are different from existing passive interview methods where interviewers ask one-sided questions and interviewees answer only the questions they receive. Rather, we have a new interview method where applicants can exhibit their own abilities and personality fully.