What is AEO?

Explanation of current status of AEO

Authorized Economic Operator

It refers to a company authorized by the customs authority out of business companies related to trading such as import and export companies, transportation companies, warehousing companies, and customs brokers after examining the regulation compliance and safety management levels by the customs authority.

Purpose of the AEO

Various benefits are given to AEOs such as rapid customs clearance and exemption of customs inspection throughout the customs clearance process while blocking the introduction of goods that can threaten social safety and citizen's health.

Management policy

  • 01

    Differentiated infrastructure development based on integrity of customs administration

  • 02

    Construction of safe logistics infrastructure for aiming at constant identification and removal of risk factors

  • 03

    Creative and efficient work performing and promotion and operation of professional human resources with the complete implementation and operation of internal control system

  • 04

    Settle-down of corporate culture in response to changes in trading environments proactively